Eva Amurri Martino To Appear On “Guys With Kids”
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Eva Amurri Martino just announced on Twitter that she will be appearing on an episode of the new NBC series “Guys With Kids”!

Eva Amurri Martino In Stylecaster’s “Most Stylist” List
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Eva Amurri Martino is featured in Stylecaster’s “25 Most Stylist Los Angeles” list!

Eva Amurri Martino, Model, Actress, and Philanthropist

Proving that the bombshell apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, Martino’s fashion sense (and gams for days) are undoubtedly enviable. Growing up in the spotlight (her mother is Susan Sarandon), Martino has carved a name for herself on the big screen, small screen and in fashion magazines. She explains her style as “feminine with an edge,” and says her upbringing significantly affected her take on fashion. “I’ve moved around so much in my life, that I really appreciate simplicity and elegance in a wardrobe,” says Martino. “And good tailoring! Every woman needs a good tailor.”

I have just added 3 photos from the photo shoot into our photo gallery!

Eva Amurri Martino Online Eva Amurri Martino Online Eva Amurri Martino Online Eva Amurri Martino Online

“Simple Pleasures” Cocktail Party Photos
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Last month, Eva Amurri Martino attended the “Simple Pleasures” Cocktail Party in New York City. I have just added 4 photos from the event into our photo gallery.

Eva Amurri Martino Online Eva Amurri Martino Online Eva Amurri Martino Online Eva Amurri Martino Online

“Guilty” May Come To Fox In Fall 2013
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Its being reported by Deadline.com that the Fox pilot Eva Amurri Martino shot this spring, “Guilty”, may be coming to the network next fall in 2013.

Legal drama pilot Guilty is staying in contention at Fox as the studio behind it, Warner Bros. TV, has moved on to extend the options on four actors, including star Cuba Gooding Jr. Pilots that are kept alive post-upfronts after missing the cut to series are usually put in midseason consideration. But in an interesting twist, I hear that Fox is exploring different scenarios for Guilty, including a potential fall 2013 launch, so the actors’ extensions are longer than normal. Of the five regulars in the pilot, WBTV has extended the options of Cuba Gooding Jr., Jay Harrington, Eva Amurri Martino and Julian Morris. The option on Sharon Leal was not extended.

Guilty, from WBTV, Berlanti Prods. and Wonderland Sound and Vision, centers on a brilliant, morally questionable defense attorney (Gooding Jr.) who, after being falsely convicted of fraud and stripped of his legal license, uses his unorthodox methods to solve the cases he’s been prohibited from handling and to ultimately exact revenge on the man who set him up. Guilty was written by Marc Guggenheim and directed by McG, who executive produced it with Greg Berlanti and Peter Johnson. The pilot came in strong, with Gooding Jr. testing very high. It didn’t make it to the schedule after the network decided to pick up only two new drama series for next season because of limited shelf space. But Fox brass remained interested in Guilty, leading to continuous conversations with the studio and the extension of the actors’ options.

Eva Amurri Martino: My Morning Routine
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Eva Amurri is an actress you might recognize from her role as Jackie on Californication. Or maybe you’ve seen her in the trailers for Adam Sandler’s new movie, That’s My Boy, where she and her mom (someone named Susan Sarandon) play young and old versions of the same character. (It’s in theaters now, by the way.) Here’s what’s up with her mornings.

I usually wake up really early these days, usually 7:30 or 8. I’m pretty elderly.

My husband and I just moved to LA, and we’re a big green tea household. I have mine with agave and coconut milk. (I can’t eat dairy, so I try a lot of alternatives.) I still am a coffee drinker, but I never know when it’s going to make me feel crazy. So I only use it when I’m really a zombie–when I really need it.

Lately I’ve been trying to drink a glass of room temperature water with a squeeze of lemon every morning. I can’t do hot water, because I know that I wouldn’t be patient enough to sit there and drink the whole thing while it cooled down. I figure the health benefits are better if I use warmish water and actually finish it. A doctor just told me on a plane that he wouldn’t have any business if people just drank warm water with lemon every morning when they woke up–it’s supposed to reset your PH. So I listen to the expert.

I’m definitely someone who, when stressed, forgets to eat. But I also have really low blood sugar; there’s about a fifteen minute window when I’m starving until I become a monster. I wish I was one of these people who eat fruit for breakfast, but I’m not. If my husband hasn’t left yet, I’ll make scrambled eggs and toast, because that’s what he likes, but if he’s not there, I’ll make this thing I had when I was growing up called Runs and Soldiers: you soft boil some eggs and scoop them out into a bowl with toast cut into strips, and eat it with a fork, with salt and pepper.

I wish I could say I had the time to read The New York Times or something really elevated, but I don’t.

Things are way different in LA than in New York, as far as food goes. I’m someone who is touched with the casualty of having food allergies, and it sucked on the East Coast. People weren’t really attuned to them. But on the West Coast, with almost every menu, you can have almond milk instead of cow’s milk. It’s way more accessible for me. And in general, it’s way more health-conscious out here.


Glamour.com Interview
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Actress Eva Amurri Martino stars alongside Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler in That’s My Boy, but memorizing lines and keeping up with the king of digital shorts was nothing compared to prepping for her first nude scene…

Being in the buff can certainly be a bit jarring — even for the most confident of us. Try adding co-workers, producers, directors, a whole audio/visual crew…not to mention millions of movie-goers as witnesses to your nakedness, and things just got a leetle bit scary. Here’s how Eva nailed it.

Glamour: How did you prep for your nude scene?

Eva: Well, I was prepping for my wedding [Eva married former soccer player Kyle Martino in October], and stress is definitely its own kind of diet, but I didn’t go overboard. After all, we were filming in Boston, and lobster rolls are my personal weakness. But also, my character was supposed to be bodacious and look like a woman, which was nice.

Glamour: What were your tricks for being comfortable — while naked — around all of those people?

Eva: I became friends with the A/V guys! With them on my side, I was able to film my nude scenes in the morning — every woman knows you’re at your thinnest early in the day. I mostly ate proteins like chicken or eggs and avoided starchy veggies. But the real secret to looking and feeling your best is really all about attitude. If you feel great and put that vibe out there, everyone else will think you look great, too. So, fake it til ya make it!


Talking About Teaching with Eva Amurri Martino
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After playing the student for some time — as the only Jewish girl in a Christian high school in Saved!, or as an aspiring writer-stripper on Californication — Eva Amurri Martino has finally traded up. In the new Adam Sandler/Andy Samberg comedy That’s My Boy, her character is at the head of the class, though not quite a model of professionalism. We talked to Martino about sexual misconduct, sex ed, changing lives, and her fictional campus of choice.

MARK SVARTZ: So, in That’s My Boy, you play a teacher?

EVA AMURRI MARTINO: Yeah, but probably not the best example of one. I play a teacher who also happens to be a sexual predator — I guess in the funniest sense of the word? I start a relationship with my student, who’s supposed to be thirteen or fourteen — the young version of Adam Sandler — and it kind of plays off all those stories in the news, when the female teacher sleeps with the young male student, and everyone’s like, Whoa! He pulled that off!

MS: It’s weird how many cases of female teachers doing that we’ve seen lately.

EAM: There was one just the other day! She was, like, 27 — she’s my age. And two months after she got married, she carried out four affairs with four different eleventh-grade boys.

MS: Do you think there’s any chance this is because teachers have been getting hotter?

EAM: [Laughs] I don’t know if they’re getting hotter, or younger… Maybe they’re just crazier? The movie that resonates most with me is My Girl. She had a crush on her teacher, Griffin Dunne, remember? Those are the teachers I remember having: established, married, older guys. And I also remember having really hot camp counselors. Why do they keep letting these hot guys around all these hormonal young girls? It’s just going to lead to trouble.

MS: Back then we always had those tweed-wearing professors, but where were all our gorgeous female teachers?

EAM: Maybe they were all stripping? But we grew up under the Clinton administration, when there was an emphasis on education. So maybe now we have a generation of young women who want to make a difference as teachers. And some of them occasionally have problems with sleeping with students.

MS: As a kid, I always wanted to be either a writer or a Ghostbuster. One of those worked out. Did you ever want to be anything other than an actress?

EAM: It’s funny. I actually wanted to be an astronaut, but I don’t have a mathematical brain. It’s just not how my brain works. So those hopes were dashed. But the great thing about acting is that you get to be a lot of different things in one lifetime. You get to explore different personalities and characters. Honestly, I don’t know if I’d want to be an educator. I find teachers to have more responsibility, in a way, than being a parent. You’re molding hundreds of minds every year.

MS: Yet it’s one of the most underappreciated jobs on the planet.

EAM: Absolutely.

MS: They’re essentially field-goal kickers. No one notices when you do well. That’s just your job. But you screw up once, and everyone hates you.

EAM: Yeah, the shit teachers have to go through is criminal. A good teacher who can take the zero pay and help kids develop physically, emotionally, socially, is literally an angel.

MS: You know how, in movies, there’s always that one badass Michelle Pfeiffer teacher who changes lives to a Coolio soundtrack? Did you ever have one that affected you?

EAM: Yeah, I’ve had a couple. I had one in fourth grade, named Linda Chu, who was incredible. We got to hatch baby ducks in her class. And then I had an English teacher named Mr. Byrne in eighth grade. It was kind of like in Dead Poet’s Society, where he was tough on us but challenged us with unexpected projects, like a ten-page paper on nose hair. He always had this saying: “If you have one foot in the past and one foot in the future, you shit on the present.” [Laughs] I’ve always loved that.

MS: That’s genius. It’s interesting how teaching has gotten more challenging because of the Internet. In our day, cheating meant watching the Leo DiCaprio version of Romeo and Juliet. But now kids can Google entire Shakespearean Ph.D theses.

EAM: When I was in high school, it was kind of the start of the Internet. No one really used it — you still went to the library to look stuff up. But now it’s like I don’t even remember how I’d go about finding information if it wasn’t for Google.

MS: We’d be completely lost and hopeless.

EAM: But the Internet is also such a great tool for kids. Even just for your sexuality, to be able to search online for any questions you might have — what an amazing opportunity.

MS: Definitely beats those awkward sex-ed classes.

EAM: I remember having one of those in middle school, which is probably the right age for it considering how young kids are having sex nowadays. I remember it was girls and guys together, which is a complete problem, because what tween wants to ask questions with the opposite sex in the room? And plus, it was our weird, old, lady-principal putting a condom on a cucumber…

MS: They seriously did the cucumber thing?

EAM: Oh, yeah. Condom. On a cucumber. And, first of all, a cucumber is not a penis. Like, no twelve-year-old dick is the size of a cucumber! That’s just completely ridiculous. But I guess it was better than nothing.

MS: We never had a sex-ed course in my private school.

EAM: So how’d you learn?

MS: Skinemax. When I was twelve, we got cable, and one late night, I flipped channels, and it was like, “Oh, so that’s how it works!” And it’s been twenty years of awkwardly figuring out the rest.

EAM: Well, that’s what a lot of people do. But if you’re not giving your kids a sex talk by eleven, you’ve failed.

MS: Did your parents give you the sex talk?

EAM: I don’t remember it, so it must not have been too traumatizing. But my mom has always been open and non-judgmental about that stuff, which is great.

MS: Yeah, mine were less open — mine weren’t Susan Sarandon. But they grew up in the Soviet education system, where things were strictly controlled. The government would look at your five-year-old shoulders and say, “You will be an Olympic wrestler!” or “You will be a cosmonaut!”

EAM: But you know what? I think there’s part of our country’s education system that’s gotten a little bit lazy about letting kids do whatever they want. I think structure, on some level, is extremely important. For example, I went to a very liberal-arts high school in Brooklyn, where all the kids smoked pot, and we had free reign, almost like college. You studied what you wanted to. I mean, it’s amazing to go to a place that lets you develop your creative side. But when I have kids, I’m going to send them to a more classic school. As a parent, you can always expose your kids to the arts and take them to museums, but it’s not like I’m gonna teach them algebra.

MS: Well, since you brought up your weird liberal-arts school, I’ve got one last question. If you got to choose a fictional high school to attend, would it be West Beverly from Beverly Hills, 90210, Bayside High from Saved by the Bell, or William McKinley from Glee?

EAM: Oh god, definitely not William McKinley. Um, probably West Beverly, because they’re all forty-year-old guys. None of them were under eighteen. Which works out.


InStyle Star Pinners: Eva Amurri Martino
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Eva Amurri Martino has created a special pinboard for “InStyle” magazine and you can now check it out for yourself over at Pintrest!

Eva Amurri Martino Named One Of The 15 Breakout Stars of Summer ’12
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Eva Amurri Martino has been named one of the “15 Breakout Stars of Summer ’12″ by ew.com! Congrats, Eva!

Eva Amurri Martino, That’s My Boy
You might recognize Eva Amurri Martino from her role in 2004′s Saved! or from her sultry 2009 guest stint on Californication. Or maybe you’re just experiencing genetic déjà vu: She is Susan Sarandon’s daughter. This summer, the actress, 27, is hoping to seduce audiences in the ultra-raunchy Adam Sandler comedy That’s My Boy (June 15), playing a teacher who has an ­affair with — and gets impregnated by — her ­underage student. Amurri Martino also managed to score a gig for her mom when Sandler suggested casting ­Sarandon as the older version of her character. ”My mom’s gotten me into a few movies,” she says. ”So it’s nice to return the favor. She jokes about it and says, ‘In my old age, you’ll get me all my work.”

MTV Movie Awards & “That’s My Boy” Premiere Photos
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I have updated our photo gallery with 507 HQ and MQ images of Eva Amurri Martino attending the MTV Movie Awards and the premiere for “That’s My Boy”.

Eva Amurri Martino Online Eva Amurri Martino Online Eva Amurri Martino Online Eva Amurri Martino Online

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